Simple Basement Window Curtains

Aug 15th

Looking for basement window curtains it’s not an easy task. It is because the windows of the basement claim regularly controversy decoration as they tend to be small and put in a bewildered point. They are usually placed near the top of the basement wall, which is simply higher than low. As a result, the basement looks darker than other spaces in the house. When choosing artistically curtains from the basement window to your basement, you should keep in mind several things.

First of all, you need to know your basement and in order to find the best solution. As for the choice of basement window curtains, it is necessary to find the one that can fit well not only to the window, but also to the whole room. First, measure the length of the floor. It is important because window blinds in the basement with the length of the floor can make the space wider. If only short curtains are applied, the basement area will look smaller, and even uncomfortable.

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Of course, you do not want your basement to look like that, right? The basement windows are approximately always small and have four sides shaped. Choose long basement window curtains to the floor in the windows; extend them to generate a look that is visually beautiful. Add the curtains to the basement window 3 inches longer so you can cover the top of the windows.

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