Nice Nursery Blackout Curtains Design

Aug 15th

Finished nursery blackout curtains are becoming increasingly popular and are available in more and more colors, fabrics, sizes and styles. However, choices are quite limited compared to non blackout styles. Watch the net and in special bed and bathroom shops for blackout curtains specifically made with children in mind.

You’ll find nursery blackout curtains in bright, neutral and classic colors and even a few prints like blackout curtains become more demand for the children’s bedroom. If you want blackout curtains in a specific or unusual color, fabric, size or style, your best bet is to make them done or do them yourself.

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If you want to hang blackout curtains in your child’s bedroom, but already have curtains that match the interior design, use the nursery blackout curtains liners. These liners are hung on a separate rod behind the curtains so they do not show. Or, if the curtains in your child’s room are hung by cut rings, you can simply cut them behind the curtains. Another option is to sew blinds in the curtains themselves or have a decorator or seamstress do it for you. You can buy ready made liners in different sizes or buy blackout fabrics from the yard at sewing shops.

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